Quantity / Total

2000 / 2000

StarSharks OGs

11/24 12:00 UTC

StarSharks Marketing & Beta Test Giveaway


Slacking Sharks — the very first PFP collection inspired by one of the StarSharks Metaverse's NFT species. A distinctive identity mark of social attributes, unique in nature.

This phase is issued exclusively to Marketing events & Beta Test Giveaways, with a maximum of 2,000 Slacking Sharks PFPs will be distributed to those who met the below criterias.

The following criteria need to be met:

  1. Winners from StarSharks' marketing campaigns
  2. The first 1,000 StarSharks: HomeLand Beta 1.0 participants by 12 p.m. UTC on December 09.

  1. Anyone fulfilling any of the above-mentioned conditions will be given one free mint quota; If a participant participates in more than one campaign, the number of quotas will be cumulative.

  2. Participants who first login StarSharks: HomeLand AFTER 12 PM UTC on December 09 will be considered ineligible for minting Slacking Sharks PFP.
  3. The PFPs shown in all StarSharks activities are randomly generated for showcasing only and it does not imply any guaranteed combinations in the actual mint.